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Valkyrie Profile



Genre: Action; RPG
Publisher: Enix
Developer: Tri-Ace
Release Date: 8/23/2000
Language: English
Rating: Teen

Ragnarok; the end of the world; is coming. The forces of evil are gathering. You are the Valkyrie; one of the three goddesses who oversee the fates of men after death. Odin; lord of the gods; has ordered you to find suitable human souls to serve as his warriors; his Einherjar for the upcoming apocalyptic war. Are you up to the challenge?
Valkyrie Profile is an RPG that draws on elements of side-scrolling action games to produce a game with a flavor all its own. You as the Valkyrie will select one of three different difficulty levels each with its own distinct features and meet over ten characters to recruit and train in the ways of battle. Test their skills in a unique combo-based combat system that requires as much timing and speed as it does strategy. As your characters become stronger customize their skills by distributing Capacity Points to give them new abilities improve their statistics or even to make them better people. Attack with punishing sword and spear moves or cast spells with dazzling graphics that can fill the entire screen at once.
Valkyrie will explore side-scrolling dungeons with a 3-D design with richly detailed backgrounds and insidious puzzles. Climb jump run and shoot beams of ice to overcome wandering monsters and difficult obstacles. Battle huge bosses to obtain artifacts that may help you along in your quest. However remember your duty to Odin; send your strongest Einherjar to Valhalla and track their progress in the great war through regularly timed events. Time marches onward and you only have a limited number of actions with which to complete your quest so use them wisely. Please Odin and you will obtain useful items and weapons to help you along. Remember that how you perform the decisions you make will affect the path you take towards one of three different endings so choose carefully. Enjoy the detailed and twist-filled storyline and find out if you have what it takes to help the Aesir gods win the final battle of battles…


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